Frequently Asked Questions

The vacancies and job assignments offered on SkillStorm are provided using weighted keywords and tags. The recruiter can add these to his or her offer to reflect the specific requirements for the job offer. As a candidate, you can search for these tags and keywords by selecting one or more that suit your needs. This way you only get the jobs you are really looking for.

Following this link, you can specify your job expectations and your skills.

Here you can indicate your preferences in 6 different categories:

  • Role/function: What is the task you wish to take on?
  • Location: In which region would you like to work?
  • Experience: What experience do you already have in the chosen work field?
  • Contract: What are the contract terms you want?
  • Technologies: Which programming language and IT environment do you already have experience with?
  • Certificates: What diplomas and certificates do you posess?

You can also assign a certain weight to each of your preferred job expectations. For example, if you prefer to work in the Brussels region, but are also willing to commute to Antwerp, you can assign the preference “Very High” to the tag “Brussels” and “High” or “Normal” to the tag “Antwerp”.

After assigning a weight to your preferences, complete the form with your details and a password of your choice. You will also have to choose the preferred language for job related communication and choose whether you want to receive daily or weekly updates of the job offers tailored to your needs.

When you click on register, your account will be created. You will then receive an invitation to confirm your email address and you will be able to log in to your profile to upload your CV, complete your contact details and view the suitable vacancies.

The registration as a candidate on SkillStorm is completely free. We will never ask candidates for payment details or charge any fees.

During the registration of your profile, you can specify your wishes and preferences for a future job or assignment. (See also “How do I create a profile as a candidate?”)

You can adjust these preferences by adding or changing tags at any time or by selecting new tags when you acquire additional skills and wishes by logging in to your profile.

After going through the registration procedure, you can log in to your profile.

Your profile provides you with the option to upload your curriculum.

Every assignment or vacancy offered on our platform is provided with tags that outline the expectations and requirements of the recruiter. Based on these specific requirements, you can quickly make a choice from our range of vacancies.

The size of a tag is proportional to the importance given to this requirement. This allows you to quickly recognize the appropriate job offers in the overview.

If you have missed a suitable job offer, we will automatically match it for you and it will be sent to you via the daily or weekly emailupdates.

After registering on our platform and indicating your job preferences, you can log in to your profile. You can immediately apply for a suitable position via this profile. We will then transfer your CV and your details to the recruiter who will contact you.

The SkillStorm platform offers a wide range of job offers and vacancies for employees, the self-employed, and freelancers. When registering your profile, you can indicate your contract preferences. You can choose to work as an employee or as a freelance contributor.

SkillStorm guarantees an extremely secure environment by applying all standard practices such as SSL and protected databases. Our platform also operates in accordance with the GDPR legislation and AV regulation.