Find the candidate you really need.

SkillStorm gives you a shortlist of candidates that match your requirements,
right after your Job Offer has been published.

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How We Work

You Register

  • You create your Job Offer with clear requirements and expectations


  • Each element is given a weight or preference, so Candidates can see where the focus is


  • Multiple options can be combined and preferred (eg. Freelance vs Employment)

We Match

  • Once published, our matching system identifies the best suited candidates, registered on our platform 


  • We instantly provide you with a shortlist of matching candidates you can reach out to.  These candidates also get a job alert, notifying them of the new opportunity.


  • We notify you of new registered candidates who match your requirements.

We Connect

  • Candidates are notified if they match your published Job Offer

  • You can invite candidates for a job interview, directly on the platform

  • Candidate have a channel to ask additional questions, promoting communication and connection

  • Candidates can apply directly

Let our Platform work for you

Active Source of IT Talent

We’re dedicated to building a large IT talent community with a big variety of experience and expertise in different technology stacks.

Reduce your Time to Hire

No more browsing through tons of outdated resumes, reaching out via phone calls or trying to connect via Linkedin. Post a job on our platform and you will get matching candidates instantly.

Reduce your Cost to Hire

Discover the most suitable candidates for your job posting and see just how their experience, expertise and preferences match your job descriptions. Invite them to apply easily via the platform.

Complete Job Offer Management

The workflow we have in place allows for complete job posting management, putting you in charge. We won’t get in the way of things.

Performance Insights

Easily keep track of job offer performance with our dashboard. Various analytics will tell you how your posted jobs are doing, allowing you to use these insights to improve them.

Intelligent Matching

Our matching algorithm leverages several layers of data collected from both candidates and job offers to provide results that both parties experience as relevant and high-quality.

Platform Features

Instant Shortlist

Our proprietary matching system produces a shortlist of candidates matching your requirements, for you to contact directly.  Immediately after your Job Offer has been published.

We broadcast your Job Offer

We send out your Job Offer to all matching candidates on our platform and promote it through our extensive marketing channels.

Connect with Candidates

You can invite candidates for a job interview, directly on the platform.  Candidates can reach out to recruiters through built-in communication channels.

Structured Candidate's profile

Our unique approach ensures you have a full and structured overview of a candidate’s skills and expectations.  Again, saving you time.  And money. 

Start filling your IT candidate pipeline.

There is a lot of pressure on IT recruiters to hire fast and hire right.
Book a discovery call and learn how our platform can help you
 bring more efficiency to your recruiting process.

We do not want to be just another vacancy platform; we go above and beyond our competitor’s endgame.
Whether it concerns a permanent position, a temporary job, or a freelance assignment,
our focus is on the quality of the match between the recruiter’s offer
and the IT professional your company needs.

Jan Van Gysel – CEO