Terms of Use for candidates JAGUMA
(trading as SkillStorm)

General: Scope

1. These terms of use of JAGUMA apply to the cooperation (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) between JAGUMA on the one hand and the user on the other hand – who is interested in the career vacancies offered. (Hereinafter collectively referred to as “Services”)

If the customer wants to post a job vacancy (“SkillStorm – customer”), these terms of use do not apply, but our General Conditions.

2. The Services to which these Terms of use apply are intended only for the individual job search of natural persons as employees or freelancers. It is not permitted to use our Services commercially in any other way, for example to advertise a company’s Services.

Subject of the Agreement and Scope of Services

1. The JAGUMA database contains a considerable amount of information and Services about careers and professions for people looking for a (new) job or assignment. In particular, the Services include making published job vacancies accessible by JAGUMA.

2. The users of the JAGUMA platforms create a user profile and authorize JAGUMA to make the data they have communicated to JAGUMA including their resume and information from the user profile visible on the platform for JAGUMA clients and to present their profile for consideration by JAGUMA clients.

3. In his user account, the user can activate the possibility to receive an email automatically when a job posting matching his search is made. Settings such as the frequency or deactivation of all or only some of the notifications are made by the user in the user account.

4. To balance the interests of users and JAGUMA customers, and for the purpose of optimal service, users who agree to these Terms of use and provide their contact information will receive regular notifications by email with published job postings. Users who separately and explicitly give their consent, may also receive text messages about interesting job postings.

5. The notifications that a user receives are determined based on the preferences that the user has provided to JAGUMA while signing up with JAGUMA. By analyzing the data of both the user and the clients (see who posts a vacancy), JAGUMA works towards putting the user in touch with the appropriate vacancy. If a user no longer wishes to receive notifications, they must individually unsubscribe from all notifications they have set up to avoid deleting notifications they wish to continue receiving.

6. If a registered user uses the platform again after a period of inactivity, they will, at JAGUMA’s discretion, begin a new “search cycle”. JAGUMA will again send the user regular email messages that, in JAGUMA’s opinion, may be of interest to him or may be relevant to him. The user will then again be able to unsubscribe himself from the notifications he no longer wishes to receive.

7. A user will be able to subscribe to newsletters offered by JAGUMA on diverse topics. The user may at any time object to receiving all JAGUMA newsletters free of charge. JAGUMA will inform the user of the right to object when it records the user’s email address, and in the relevant newsletter. If the user no longer wishes to receive JAGUMA’s e-mail messages, they should click on the unsubscribe link provided in each message and/or contact JAGUMA via the ‘Contact Us’ form on the website.

8. Use of personal data

Users enter information about themselves on the JAGUMA website, which stores this information in its database and analyzes this information in an automated process to improve the services offered. This data is also used to recommend job opportunities that are tailored to the user’s needs based on their profile information or to send notifications. JAGUMA further stores analytical data about the user and his user behavior, along with a user ID pseudonym, in a statistical database, where the user cannot be identified.

The user is free to communicate a resume to JAGUMA. If the User submits a resume, this will be added to the user profile created in the user’s name, from which data may be communicated by JAGUMA, without further consent from the user to Clients and which may be subjected by JAGUMA to analysis and profiling with a view to providing better services.

Modification and discontinuation of Services.

To best serve the interests of users and JAGUMA Customers, it is essential to continually develop the JAGUMA Platforms. Therefore, it is possible that Services may be modified or discontinued completely.

Registration for a user Account.

When a user logs on to the JAGUMA platform and creates a user account, they must provide JAGUMA with a valid email address and password, which JAGUMA will store.

If JAGUMA receives a request to create a user profile, it will acknowledge receipt of this request by sending a message to the email address provided. The agreement between the user and JAGUMA becomes effective as soon as JAGUMA activates the user profile of the user. The making of the registration by the user is only an offer to conclude a contract. JAGUMA reserves the right to accept or refuse the conclusion of the contract at its sole discretion. There is no legal claim to the conclusion of a contract.

If the user provides incomplete or incorrect information, JAGUMA has the right to temporarily or permanently block and/or terminate the user’s account and access to JAGUMA’s platform.

Each user may only create one user account. A user account is not transferable.

A user account is created permanently and is not automatically deleted after a search cycle has ended or a certain time has elapsed. However, the user has the option to terminate this Agreement and delete their account at any time through their account settings or by notifying JAGUMA.

Obligations and Responsibilities of the user.

Users are solely responsible for providing the hardware and internet connection necessary to use JAGUMA’s Services.

The user must ensure that the Services provided to the user account are used only by himself. The user must keep all access data and passwords strictly confidential. The user is responsible for any use of the access data and passwords, as well as for all activities conducted in connection with the use of his user account. If an unauthorized third party has actually or had access to his login data (email address in combination with the password), he must immediately notify JAGUMA and change the password in question as soon as possible.

In connection with the use of our Services, the User may not act unlawfully and/or violate applicable law, he may not:

1. offer content, which

  • is intimidating, offensive, harmful to minors or otherwise illegal.
  • violates the rights of third parties, in particular copyrights, personal rights, or other property rights.
  • is confidential, e.g., contains trade secrets.

2. impersonate another person, e.g., a government official, a representative of JAGUMA, or pretend to have a non-existent relationship with such a person, falsify usernames or manipulate identification marks in other ways, and/or disguise the origin of content related to the Services that have been transferred.

3. store, publish and/or transmit advertising, junk or mass emails, chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other commercial communication.

4. use scraping or similar techniques to capture content and use, republish or use in any way other than for the intended purpose of the Services

5. use techniques or other automated Services that aim to or result in misrepresenting user activity, e.g., by using bots, botnets, scripts, apps, plug-ins, extensions, or other automated tools to play content, send messages, post comments, or perform other actions.

6. harass, threaten, defame, denigrate, or discriminate against a natural or legal person based on gender, race, religion, or belief, or make or disseminate false accusations about a natural or legal person

7. collect, store, or transmit personal data about another user without the consent of that person

8. post links to third-party content that violates the terms of these Terms of Use or other regulations

9. not create contributions whose publication constitutes a criminal or administrative offence contrary to copyright, trademark, or competition law, contains offensive, racist, discriminatory, or pornographic content or contains advertisements.

All information in a user account and any other information or content, which a user provides to us (“Content”) must be truthful.

Content provided by the user to JAGUMA must not contain viruses, worms, or other harmful code.

Personal data that the user sends to JAGUMA must not contain, and the user warrants and guarantees that it does not contain, the following information:

  • race or ethnicity,
  • political views,
  • religious or philosophical beliefs,
  • membership of a trade union,
  • genetic data,
  • biometric data for the sole purpose of identifying a natural person,
  • data concerning health,
  • Data on the sex life or sexual orientation of a natural person.

If the user transmits personal data to other users or customers of JAGUMA, he does so at his own risk. JAGUMA has no control over the actual use of the user’s personal data by the recipients. It is therefore best for the user to check the identity of the recipient of the data before sending data. It is therefore best for the user not to send personal data to a private email address.

By sending the created content, the user grants JAGUMA an unconditional permission to use the sent content. JAGUMA has the right to exploit and use the content in any way.

The user shall fully indemnify JAGUMA from all third-party claims arising from the breach of its obligations under these Terms of use, i.e., third parties asserting a breach of their rights regarding the content created by the user.

JAGUMA reserves the right not to publish submitted contributions. There is no legal right to publication of contributions.

If the user violates the provisions of these Terms of Use or acts in violation of applicable law, JAGUMA may suspend or terminate the contract with the user, depending on the severity or frequency of the violations.

Authorization to use content and data provided by the user

The user may use the Services and transfer content to JAGUMA in accordance with these Terms of Use. By submitting data to JAGUMA, the user instructs JAGUMA to store, host and make it available to the public. JAGUMA will use the user’s content and data in accordance with these Terms of Use. By providing JAGUMA with content and data, the user grants JAGUMA a non-exclusive, spatially unrestricted permission to use the content for the purpose of providing the Services as articulated in these Terms of Use, including the right to use the content, for the duration of the agreement for storing, reproducing, formatting, reformatting, technically editing, transferring, making accessible and analyzing, having analyzed, statistically evaluating and/or statistically evaluating third parties.


The user can use the Services of JAGUMA free of charge.

No obligation of result

JAGUMA does not enter a result commitment. JAGUMA does not guarantee that its platform is always fully current, accurate, complete, usable, or suitable. Furthermore, JAGUMA does not guarantee that an (employment) contract will be concluded between people using the platform as applicants and an employer or JAGUMA customer.

JAGUMA does not guarantee that the Services offered will be available at certain times or permanently. For technical or operational reasons, availability may be temporarily limited. This is particularly possible about capacity constraints, the security or integrity of data processing systems or the implementation of technical measures necessary for good or improved performance.

The JAGUMA servers are regularly carefully backed up. Nevertheless, data loss cannot be excluded. If the user transfers or uploads data to JAGUMA – regardless of their respective form – JAGUMA recommends that the user make backup copies. If the user terminates the cooperation, he can choose whether the data should be kept or not. If the user indicates that his data should be deleted, it will be permanently deleted. The user’s behavioral data is kept anonymous, however, to optimize JAGUMA’s services.

JAGUMA does not guarantee or warrant any minimum storage capacity to the user. JAGUMA reserves the right to limit the data volume for uploading data temporarily or permanently, if this is necessary for technical or user-friendliness reasons, e.g., to maintain or optimize the service.


Either party may terminate this agreement with immediate effect and without stating reasons.

When the agreement ends, JAGUMA will delete the user’s personal data that JAGUMA has stored. The behavioral data will be stored in anonymized form for analytical purposes unless the processing is required by law and for another purpose.

Intellectual property rights on our platforms

JAGUMA’s platform and all related software, databases, images, user interfaces, names and trademarks are protected by copyright, trade name or trademark and other (intellectual) property rights. In the relationship between the user and JAGUMA, JAGUMA is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights. No intellectual property rights are transferred using the platform.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

JAGUMA treats the user’s personal data confidentially. JAGUMA uses and publishes them only as required by these Terms of Use, while respecting data protection legislation and the privacy rights of users. Further information on the use of personal data on the JAGUMA platforms can be found in the respective data protection guidelines.

Modification of these Terms of use

JAGUMA reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use for Services at any time if this does not unreasonably affect user rights. If there is any such change to the Terms of Use, it will inform the User at least four weeks in advance via email. The user then always has the right to terminate the agreement.

Applicable law, competent court, and other provisions

This agreement and its interpretation are subject to Belgian law.

If any provision of these Terms of use should be wholly or partially invalid, this shall not invalidate these Terms of use in its entirety, but the parties shall agree on an interpretation of the provision that is valid.

Disputes fall under the authority of the courts of the district of Antwerp.