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SkillStorm is an innovative platform for IT Jobs, designed to find your matching job,
based on your specific requirements and skills.

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How We Work

You Register (free of charge)

  • You clearly define your skills and job requirements

  • Each entry is given a weight or preference, so we know what is important to you

  • You indicate if and when you are available

We Match

  • Our unique matching system picks out the best jobs for you

  • We put your profile on the radar of high-level recruiters who have matching job offers

We Connect

  • We alert you when new matching opportunities appear.

  • You can ask Recruiter questions about interesting jobs, direclty on the platform

  • You can apply to Job Offers directly on the platform

  • Recruiters can invite you for an interview, if they have a matching opportunity

Let our Platform work for you

Focus on your Skills and Ambitions

We are not CV oriented, but rather focus on your skills, ambitions and job expectations. 

No more irrelevant Job Offers

We only recommend matching jobs, and don’t share contact details with recruiters, unless the Recruiter has a Job Offer that matches your requirements. No more Spam and wasted time.

Privacy controlled.
By You.

Your privacy is always guaranteed and you choose what information will be visible to potentially interested recruiters.

Be found by pre-screened recruiters

Recruiters are pre-screened so that we can guarantee the highest quality in our extensive range of job offers.

Recruiters can personally invite you for a job interview. But this is only possible for vacancies that meet your expectations.

Apply directly on the platform

You can immediately apply for interesting vacancies yourself, using your registered profile. 

Stay in the loop of new opportunities

The new Job Offers are compared to your skills and preferences on a daily basis and if they meet your requirements, you get a notification by email.


Comprehensive dashboard

A full-featured dashboard as a central point of gravity for all your activity. Look into matching Job Offers, apply to jobs, talk to recruiters, see who has invited you. All from one place.

Job Applications

Apply to relevant job offers, directly on the platform.  If you hold an account with us, all fields will be pre-populated.  Recruiters will be notified instantly of your application.


Intelligent Job Search

Use our proprietary job search engine to discover those job offers that are most relevant to you.
Otherwise, sit back and let us match your profile with active job offers.  

Talk to recruiters

Use the platform to talk to recruiters about specific job offers.  The easy way to get more info and show you’re interested.

Get Invited

Recruiters can invite you if they have a job offer that matches your skills and requirements.  

Keep your profile up-to-date and be found.

Make the Most of Your Professional Experience

Find the job that matches your skills and your needs thanks to our brand new and innovative platform. Create your profile, list your requirements and skills, and explore selected matching opportunities.