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Recruiter in the spotlight: IT-Planet

Part of our mission at SkillStorm is to better understand and align the needs of IT candidates and IT recruiters. It’s a continuous process and one that helps connect the people that drive the industry forward. That’s why we have a recurring segment called ‘Recruiter in the spotlight’. And for this very first edition we met with Joyce from IT-Planet. We sat down with her to ask a few of our favorite questions.

1. Could you briefly introduce yourself, your team and your company?

My name is Joyce and I’m Lead Recruiter at IT-Planet. We have a team of 5 recruiters who are aiming to find the perfect match between candidate and opportunity every day. We also have a team whose main focus is client relations and sales.

2. Are you focused on a specific industry, area or niche?

We see ourselves as the multi-specialist in the Temporary & Flexible Staffing of IT talent, mainly for TOP 100 clients.

3. How does IT-Planet differentiate itself as a recruitment company?

Our strongest asset would be our personal approach. We keep very close contact with our candidates and have a direct line of communication with our clients. This allows us to move quickly while keeping progress very personal. 

And thanks to our efforts of getting to know both sides of every job opportunity so well, we know precisely which vacancy will be a perfect fit.

4. What’s the most important piece of information you initially look for in candidates?

We believe it all starts with a resume that’s well thought out and well put together. We don’t really believe in one-pagers. But in general, the more input a candidate can provide us regarding roles and responsibilities at certain projects or with certain employers, the better we can find matching job opportunities.

5. Do you prefer online interviews or meeting in person? And why?

We’re always happy to receive candidates at our headquarters in Sint-Denijs-Westrem or in one of our regional offices in Hasselt, Antwerp, Groot-Bijgaarden and Knokke-Heist. If getting to one of these locations turns out to be inconvenient, we can definitely have an interview via Zoom. 

However, we do really prefer to meet in person. It gives candidates an inside look into our organization. And because we view that first moment as the start of a partnership, meeting in person allows us to connect more quickly and easily with candidates. Needless to say, coffee and tea are on us!

6. What do you think is the most important question to ask a candidate in an interview?

It’s crucial for us to get the best possible picture of a candidate, especially when it comes to past experiences and the type of job they’re looking for at the moment. So a question like: “If you could write your own job description, what would it look like?”, is definitely something an applicant can expect to be asked.

7. What would be a good question a candidate can ask the recruiter?

Someone who looks beyond the practicalities of the job opportunity (for example: remuneration package) and shows a real interest in the company culture.

8. Imagine having only two candidates left for a vacancy, matched equally in experience and educational background. What would be the deciding factor to pick one candidate above the other?

I would say soft skills will make the difference in such a case. In every interview, we ask ourselves: “Is this a candidate we would love to have as our own colleague?”. And that’s a very relevant way to look at it, because candidates do become part of the IT-Planet Community.

9. In your opinion, what defines a great recruiter?

A great recruiter is someone who is easy to reach, reliable and who highly values personal connection. Also, being able to run a tight ship in terms of administration is key.

10. What is your take on spelling mistakes on a resume or cover letter?

Even though spelling errors on a resume can send shivers down your spine, they’re usually not a deal breaker. However, first impressions can only be made once so it won’t hurt to proofread your resume, cover letter or emails.

11. How do you decide who gets invited to an interview?

Every application begins with a phone call, which serves as a first screening. We will ask about willingness to commute, job requirements, interests, ambitions, mindset, etc. If the candidate looks like a potential fit, they will be invited for a personal interview.


We would like to thank Joyce for taking the time to answer our questions. We love to share first hand experience from IT recruiters that could help IT talent advance their careers. If that happens to be you, then please make sure to check out the open positions IT-Planet has on SkillStorm.