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The new platform for IT jobs in Belgium

Hello, and welcome to SkillStorm.Jobs, Belgium’s new IT jobs listing and IT employment platform. SkillStorm.Jobs was created to be the best place to find the IT job you really want, the job that lives up to your requirements.

What is SkillStorm.Jobs and what does it offer?

SkillStorm is designed to improve the way IT job and IT professional are connected.

To achieve this, we’ve taken a different approach. We don’t just shuffle digital paper from left to right, but match clear job requirements with candidate profiles in a unique way.

The platform was created for IT professionals looking for a new IT job or a new IT freelance project. From starter to seasoned veteran, all types of employment are accessible and available for consultation.

What are the benefits for Candidates?

  • You get to define exactly what you are looking for: roles, locations, technologies, contract terms, ….
  • For each requirement, you can indicate your preference. You refer working in Brussels over Antwerp? We’ve got you covered.
  • You can show off your skills and certificates.
  • You can build your profile with your skills and requirements, CV, introduction, for free.
    Once registered:

    • You’ll receive daily updates of new matching opportunities by email
    • You can apply directly on the platform with your saved profile
    • Recruiters can invite you to view specific opportunities, based on your preferences

How to register the perfect Candidate profile?

Go to the registration page

  1. Select the roles you want to work in, and state your preference for each role. You must have favourites 😉
  2. Select where you want to work, again with your preference.
  3. Indicate the experience you have for the selected role(s) you want to work in.
  4. What contract terms do you want? Freelance, permanent, remote, on-site, …
  5. Select the technologies you know and want to work with.
  6. List your relevant certificates, recruiters love this 😉
  7. Register and check your email for validation.
  8. You’re all set and will receive matching jobs and invitations from recruiters!

What are the benefits for Recruiters?

  • Define clear requirements for you open positions

    • Define which roles qualify rather than be limited to the job title
    • Define the technologies used and certificates required
    • List suitable contract terms

  • Publish your ads directly from the platform
  • Invite matching candidates immediately after publication
  • Receive applications directly from candidates through the platform
  • Consult your ads in the comprehensive Recruiter dashboard
  • Gain insight on the aspirations of candidates through their profile. A CV only tells you what they have done, not what they want to do

In Short

The SkillStorm platform allows you to discover the finest IT jobs in Belgium. This platform offers both job seekers and recruiters clear benefits, making it more convenient than ever to locate the appropriate job or assignment, or candidate. Finding the ideal opportunity for your next IT role has never been easier with SkillStorm.